The Skate Park is here

wow the skate park is here its kinda cool but not that much cuz u caznt do tricks and stuff  so u just click and u go up and down and that but here u go the picture of the map and a picture of the skate park.   spm


Michael Jackson tribute and july 4th fire works all this weekend: there is  Michael Jackson videos at the cazmo arena its a tribute cuz he died and there is also too july 4th firewoorks there is a new surfboard to0 there is a party at the beach of july 4th and here u go the pics.






Beach Party

There’s a beach party on planet cazmo. And the new bathing suits are finally here, there’s for members, and non-members. And there’s also a weird alien called Lloyd wondering around the beach, and if you find him, he will give you a free item.

Bathing Suits

Here’s are the Hot Sales of this week…

Hot Sales

And last, there’s a new jumping board by the raft, and when you sit on it, you will see you character smash into the water.

Jumping Board

New Clothes Coming Soon

Theres is New Clothes Coming Soon, they are Soulja  Boys. I hope their not for members only, or cazmo cash, lol. Here’s a Picture:


And also, there are clothes on sale (cazmo cash clothes). Last time, I think they were  $40, now they are $20. lol, I bought the blue one for $40 a long time ago, and now its $20, well too bad.